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Sarah Voyt
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States

Hi there! My name's Sarah and I'm a student of animation at the Art Institutes. My goal is to become a 3D character animator. I'm very grateful of any support/critiques/comments you give. Thanks for visiting my page!

If you like the work I do, I'm open for commissions! Just check out my Information Journal and I'd love to make something just for you!


Sandman is my favorite character from Rise of the Guardians. I plan on drawing the other characters too. I've been enjoying drawing fan art lately :)

Sandy belongs to Dreamworks :D
When you have close to 400 group notifications so you just wanna delete them, but the thumbnails look like they have some interesting stuff so you think you should look through and fave stuff...
Finishing a piece I started aaaaaaaaaaaages ago.
Sorry for the super long period of inactivity. I keep thinking I'm gonna get back into drawing more and then I always find so much to sidetrack myself with xD But I promise I'm really gonna make an effort this time. I have a list of characters to draw. Hopefully I can stay motivated :)
And maybe if I keep up on drawing I'll eventually learn how to do humans well.. I get a little better at the anatomy each time but for the life of me I cant seem to figure out a way to do skin that I like.

Violet belongs to Pixar. Credits are important. 
Hey guys. Just dropping in to say I miss you! And thanks for the birthday messages you guys sent. I'll respond to them individually soon :)
Ok, so I got tagged literally ages ago by PterrorPterodactyl aaand... I don't really remember the rules xD But I'm gonna do it anyways

So I'm gonna share a few facts about my OC Rachel 

Rachel by SOSArtStuff

- First off, shes from the pokemon world. Obviously. 

- Her design was based off my character in pokemon x. 

- This is some deep character development shit I'm revealing, I know.

- Her father was a high ranked member of team rocket. He taught her to take what she wants and also gave her the red R pin that she wears proudly.

- Lena (the glameow) was a stray that she found and befriended. Hence her thin scraggly physique and her cutthroat fighting.

- Rachel left pokemon township after a short stay. She wasn't all that impressed with it and didn't build any strong connections with the people there. 

- She became the founder and leader of the new Team Ghost, who's goal is to harness the power of creation.

- Team Ghost is pretty freaking awesome. 

- In their recruiting, Team Ghost offers a free ghost-type pokemon in order to keep the spirit of their name alive. There's no reason a Team Ghost grunt should enter a battle and not be using a ghost pokemon.

- Lena is now a purugly and living a comfortable life at Team Ghost headquarters and no longer fights by Rachel's side. It's common to see her strolling around or napping somewhere.

- There is a Colosseum under the Team Ghost headquarters, where team members fight for training and rank. Rachel often watches these duels so she can spot potential in her members

- Rachel's pokemon team now is specially bred and trained, and consists of Aegislash (as her ghost type), Empoleon, Talonflame, Pagngoro, Gardevoir (her mega), and Eelektross

- Rachel no longer wears the team rocket R, and has replaced it with the Team Ghost insignia:

Team Ghost 1 by SOSArtStuff

Yup, that's all. I'd tag other ppl to write about 1 of their OCs but since idk if I even got the rules right I'll pass on that xD


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